Shipping’s newly built archive room is finished and the custom shelving has been installed.

The room covers 326 square metres and has over two kilometres of shelving which can accommodate about a quarter of a million files.

“We used 11.5 tons of galvanised steel to make the shelves and it took just five weeks from the start of manufacture to the completion of the installation,” said Dean Schafer, owner of Shelving and Racking Systems. “Our installation team used over 16 000 nuts and bolts to hold it all together.”

The shelves were custom built, in that extra vertical supports were needed because of the type of document files that will be stored on them.

“The new shelving and archiving system will make retrieval of files much easier,” said Brigitte Dewar, Operations Administration Manager for Turners Shipping. “The on-site storage is necessary to comply with SARS’s requirements.

Standing amongst the two kilometres of shelving in the new archive room at Turners House are, from left, Johnathan Wrathmall, Cliffy van Druten and Brigitte Dewar of Turners Shipping. With them are Ettiene Visser and Dean Schafer of Shelving and Racking Systems who undertook the project.