Customs Consultancy

Turners Shipping is an acknowledged leader in Customs procedures.

Turners Shipping has more than 125 years of experience handling Customs Clearing matters. As such, Turners Shipping is an acknowledged leader in Customs procedures. The Customs Consultancy Division was formed to assist and guide Importers and exporters to operate within the South African Revenue Service’s requirements.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of tariffs, duties, and legislation are available to help South African companies fully comply and minimise risk.

Excise Matters

Excise Tax is a complicated and ever-changing tax environment with penalties for non-compliance, which can cripple a business. We offer sound knowledgeable advice from industry experts.

Compliance Audits

Importing and manufacturing are subject to legislative regulations which require full compliance. We offer audits that will ensure full compliance.

Tariff Classifications

Our consultants can identify product classifications and determine the correct tariff for calculating duties.

Import / Export Permits

Our Electronic Data Interchange with the South African Revenue Service prevents delays due to incomplete documentation.

Drawbacks and Refunds

Our IT system integrates with the Customs System creating a document trail that speeds up the process.


Through the Turners Training Academy, we offer training for our client’s staff in matters related to customs regulation and procedures.

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