Excise  Consultancy

We provide specialist services and credible guidance.

Our Excise Division provides specialist services and credible guidance with in-depth knowledge of the relevant industries and legislation; through a supportive infrastructure, dedicated resources and innovative systems thereby promoting high levels of related tax compliance.

Our team of highly-skilled, qualified professionals provides a dedicated service to clients including:

Compliance Screening and Assessments

Assessments are conducted to ensure compliance with the Customs and Excise Act number 91 of 1964, and specific industry-related external policies and directives. These assessments are primarily conducted to ensure the client is compliant with provisions thereby limiting exposure resulting from a revenue audit conducted by SARS.

Refund Compliance Screening

Refunds are screened prior to submission to SARS to ensure compliance to the Customs and Excise Act number 91 of 1964, and specific industry-related external policies and directives. The screening exercises are primarily conducted to ensure compliance of refunds which reduces the turnaround time of submission of claims to SARS which positively impacts on cash flow.

Refund Compilation and Submission

Excise products are used in industries not ordinarily recognised as related to Excise, however, as the products used attracts Excise Duty a relationship exists. Some of these industries include; fishing, mining, farming, paint manufacturing; all of which uses fuel. Turners Shipping consults with these industries to promote the maximising of benefits which these are entitled to.


Through the Turners Training Academy, training interventions are presented to all resources in the value chain. It is typically found that non-compliance occurs in areas of the business where the finance staff do not have a direct impact. Through its experience of the full value chain, beyond tax, Turners Shipping provides training in a format to which all staff can relate. This training has been proven to improve compliance and minimise potential exposure.

Related Industries Consultancy and Advisory

Refund claims complying to the relevant provisions to Schedule 6 of the Customs Tariff and relevant external directives are prepared and presented to SARS on behalf of clients. These claims are subjected to high levels of compliance screening to ensure first time payment from submission positively impacting of the cash flow of the client.

Supply Chain Legislative Compliance

Current State Analysis of the client’s supply and value chain are conducted to ensure complete compliance with the legislated requirements. This current state analysis positively impacts compliance and aid to optimise the supply chain in order to gain maximised benefits from Excise Tax legislation.

Account Maintenance

Through innovative automated web-based solutions Excise Accounts are prepared and provided to the clients for submission to SARS via eFiling. The online portal is highly customisable with high levels of legislative compliance assessments to ensure complete compliance with requirements. In addition, required acquittal documents are securely stored for ease of compliance and audit compliance.

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