Technology Solutions

Comprehensive Technology Solutions

Turners Shipping is at the forefront of the logistics industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance its services and streamline operations. We have invested in a range of technologies to improve efficiency, increase transparency, and enhance the customer experience. From the latest tracking and monitoring systems to advanced warehouse management software, we leverage technology to ensure that our clients’ cargo is transported and managed with the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

We also employ state-of-the-art communication systems, enabling real-time updates and seamless collaboration between team members and clients. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Turners Shipping is setting new standards in the logistics industry, delivering world-class solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective.

Online Web Portal

Turners Shipping’s reporting allows our clients to view real-time and historical data on all their shipments. Access to electronic copies of documents is conveniently available for download from the system.

Status Reports

We automatically generate status reports for each shipment, which are delivered electronically to the Client at regular intervals until final delivery is achieved. This ensures that the client always has reliable and accurate information at their fingertip.

Purchase Order Management System (POMS)

The POMS report operates in conjunction with the individual Shipment Status Report but deals with the organisation’s entire shipment portfolio. Pertinent details are recorded i.e., each shipment’s identification, expected delivery time, actual arrival date and final delivery. This provides the Client with a total shipment update, which is essential for accurate planning purposes. The POMS report is submitted at intervals as required by the Client.

Personalised Electronic Activity Reports

We are able to personalise electronic reports regarding our Clients’ import/export activity & Key Performance Indicators under our management. For example, the activity report could list Import Permits and reflect the balances and expiry dates of the permits. We can also provide statistics per tariff item imported. All statistical information that we process can be formatted into an easy-to-understand report for our clients’ use.

PSA BDP Smart Suite

Our Global Partnership with PSA BDP enables visibility solutions across the entire network in 130 countries. For over 50 years, PSA BDP has been at the forefront of innovative logistics solutions. PSA BDP Smart Navigator is a collection of applications providing shippers with real-time, end-to-end visibility of all data and documentation associated with digital supply chain activities.

Information Technology Solutions Athena

Athena is a powerful, modular, Web-based tool which delivers full control over the relevant tax compliance requirements. Through this fully integrated solution, the client can provide SARS with an accurate record reflecting a full audit trail to ensure compliance. Athena not only enhances the business but also ensures effortless compliance with the relevant legislation. Through its innovation and Virtual Intelligence (VI), Athena is readily adaptable to an everchanging tax compliance environment. This flexibility ensures the trader is in control throughout the process.

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