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Turners Shipping is a DRC Mandated Freight Certification Agent for the mandatory issue of FERI Certificates.

Turners Shipping has been designated as an official Freight Certification sub-Agent for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), mandated to issue the FERI (Fiche Electronique de Renseignement à l’Importation) Certificates.

The FERI Certificate (‘Fiche Electronique de Renseignement à l’importation’) is an essential requirement for all cargo entering the Democratic Republic of Congo (‘DRC’).

It is designed to streamline customs processes and ensure compliance with the DRC’s import regulations. Turners Shipping plays a pivotal role in facilitating smoother trade flows and enhancing the efficiency of cargo movement into one of Africa’s most significant economies.

The FERI Certificate is an electronic document required to clear imported and transited goods to or through the DRC.

What is a FERI?

The FERI is the French acronym for “Fiche Electronique des Renseignements a L’ Importation”.

It is the document that accompanies all shipments transported to and en route to the DRC.

It is issued at the consignment port of origin.

It is the responsibility of the appointed party for the freight movement of the shipment/consignment, to ensure that the required applicable FERI Certification has been issued.

The control of the Certificates will be undertaken at the DRC ports of entry, ports of consignment origin, and of transit, for shipments that continue en route to the DRC, for all shipments.

What is the FXI?

FXI is a progressive reference number issued to the DRC importers when obtaining an Import License.

The insertion at origin of the FXI number will together with the statutorily required Mandatory FERI Certifications enable the correct verification and execution of the import as expected of the importer and assist in the prevention of delays and additional charges.

What is BIVAC?

The Bureau of Inspection, Valuation, Assessment, and Control (‘BIVAC’) is the authorized agent for pre-shipment inspection of goods valued at USD 2,500 or more.

The exporting country BIVAC office issues a certification of validation and submits it to the importer through BIVAC in the DRC.

Such certification (which determines the CIF value) must contain the supplier’s invoice number, the bill of lading number, the number of containers, the import license number and the confirmation of the quantity of the product (documents shall be in French).

Furthermore, a commercial invoice, packing lists, bills of lading/air waybill, import license, pro forma invoice, export declaration, an insurance certificate, and often a certificate of origin are also required.

What information is required when applying for a FERI Certificate?

  • Shipper name
  • Consignee name
  • Notify Party in case the consignee is the name of the bank or is not located in DRC
  • Type of Commodities
  • The quantities
  • The weight
  • The CBM
  • The HS CODE
  • Type of container
  • Container number
  • SEAL Number

* Note – All information on the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and Export Formalities must correspond.

What documentation is required when applying for FERI Certificate?

  • Original Bill of Lading / Sea Waybill / Non-Negotiable Bill of Lading / Airway Bill*
  • Commercial Invoice including Date, FOB + FREIGHT + Additional charges if Available and INCOTERM*
  • Freight invoice in the event the Commercial Invoice is sent on FOB Basis*
  • Packing List
  • FERI Application form including the HS CODE and the transshipment.
  • Export Formality
  • FXI
  • Bivac Code
  • Transshipment information

* Mandatory Documents at the time of application.

What is an Intervention Commission?

  • Intervention Commission is a charge payable by any Carrier which transports Congolese Freight.
  • It is calculated on the total freight collected/payable on the transportation of Congolese cargo.
  • Certification Costings applicable to the Intervention Commission for all modes of Transport.

Procedure and Timeline

  • Submit the required documents by email or online submission at the bottom of this page or directly to certificates@turnersshipping.co.za
  • Complete the application form and provide supporting documentation.
  • You will receive an invoice with an attached draft, typically within 24 hours of all documents/information being received.
  • When your payment reflects, the draft is approved and a copy of the final bill of lading has been received; the validation will be requested.
  • To avoid any fines, the FERI must be validated before the vessel arrives at the destination.

The process can typically be completed within 24 hours after receipt of payment and final bill of lading/airwaybill/road manifest.

What are the Ocean Freight Fees when applying for a FERI Certificate?

Item Cost
20’ Container Euro 60
40’ Container Euro 110
Bulk Shipment (Food Products, Pharmacy, Mineral Water, Petroleum Products and Cement (T or M3))

Euro 0,5 per MT or CBM

Minimum Euro 20 up to 200kgs.

General Cargo, VRAC Bulk, RORO, LCL (groupage)

Euro 4 per MT or CMB

Minimum Euro 20 up to 200kgs.

Admin Fee per Certificate Euro 40

What are the Air Freight Fees when applying for a FERI Certificate?

Item Cost

Euro 0,1 per loadable/chargeable weight (kgs) whichever is greater.

Minimum Euro 20 up to 200kgs.

Admin Fee per Certificate Euro 40
Intervention Freight Commission
% of gross freight cost; OR; USD 1,8% of gross freight cost
% of gross freight cost if rice, chicken, horse mackerel, fish, grey cement. USD 1% of gross freight cost

Tariff schedule of the subscription rates of AD (Attestation De Destination) Certificate for Road (Regional)

Item Cost
20’ Container Euro 60
40’ Container Euro 110
VRAC Euro 0.50 (Ton or M3)
General Cargo, VRAC Bulk, RORO, LCL (groupage) Euro 4.00 (Ton or M3)
Admin Fee per Certificate Euro 40
Intervention Freight Commission USD 1.8%
Tariff schedule of the subscription rates of AD Certificate for Road Continuous shipments.
Intervention freight commission
USD 1.8%
From 1 to 20 USD 20.00 per AD for the first 20 declaration / consignment
21 plus USD 3.00 per declaration / consignment

Non Disclosure

All information which becomes known between the Disclosing Party and the Receiving Party shall be deemed sensitive information.

The Receiving Party agrees to preserve and protect the secrecy and confidentiality of such information and shall not disclose same to any third party and shall not use such sensitive information for its own benefit or the benefit of related or associated entities without the express written permission from the other Party having first been obtained.

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