Value Added Services

Turners Shipping is committed to providing value-added freight management and logistics solutions. Our aim is to provide a world class service, offering global solutions with local expertise. Our personalised approach builds long-term customer, partner and employee relationships which, in turn, results in a satisfied and loyal Customer base.

Our key staff is readily contactable on a 24/7 basis. Their cellular phone numbers are made available to Clients should the need for after-hours service arise.

South Africa has one of the more complex customs systems in the world. Some of our tariff consultants are experienced ex-customs officers with years of experience both in customs and in the freight forwarding industry. We are therefore well equipped to provide professional advice to ensure our Clients have the competitive edge.

We offer a detailed estimate of costs for all cargo handled by us at no additional cost.

The client simply completes a Request for Estimate document and sends via email which is attended to promptly.

Turners Shipping is able to offer Finance to cover the clearing and forwarding costs either on a short or extended term basis. Terms of up to 120 days may be negotiated subject to credit approval.

Strategic alliance partnerships with leading transport organisations provide for full and part load distribution services.

We undertake document audits to ensure that our Clients utilise the correct tariff item numbers.

On completion of each shipment, the relevant shipping documents are delivered by email.

We offer door to door services for imports and exports irrespective of the size of the consignment or the mode of transport.

We are able to provide software which gives our Clients access to the many user facilities on our IT System.

These include:

  • Customs Tariffs
  • Status Reports
  • Container Packing Calculator
  • Rates of Exchange

and details of shipments being handled by us. It is also possible for Clients to finalise costings on shipments processed by us.

Our Excise Division provides specialist services and credible guidance with in-depth knowledge of the relevant industries and legislation; through a supportive infrastructure, dedicated resources and innovative systems thereby promoting high levels of related tax compliance. A team of highly skilled, qualified professionals provides a dedicated service to clients including;

  • Compliance Screening and Assessments
  • Refund Compliance Screening
  • Refund Compilation and Submission
  • Related Industries Consultancy and Advisory
  • Supply chain Legislative Compliance
  • Account Maintenance
  • Training

Please click here to contact our National Excise Manager.

As part of our on-going commitment to customer service, we have established a specialised permit office in Pretoria.

Through our network of overseas offices, we are able to provide our Clients with trading opportunities with countries outside South Africa.

In consultation with our Clients, we design logistical solutions and manage them. Our services include full management of all aspects of logistics including warehouse-to-warehouse services.

These are backed up by excellent tracking systems providing constant status reports. Through regular meetings with Clients, we ensure that issues are being attended to effectively.

Turners Shipping, in partnership with JLT Marine (Pty) Ltd, understands that Marine Insurance is an essential ingredient in all Logistics requirements. In this regard, highly qualified persons are employed to ensure that our Clients receive the best possible advice, service, and rates.

Premiums are charged on a per shipment basis which allows for easy and accurate costings.

Our web application has been developed to allow real-time monitoring of shipments using devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The software gathers information from our systems: shipping movement reports, customs, airlines departure and arrivals, providing clients with a level of reporting that has not been possible before.

Our bulletins keep Clients up to date on relevant local, international, and company news and developments. These bulletins are subscriber-based and sent via email on a you-need-to-know basis.

Turners Shipping’s reporting allows our clients to view real-time and historical data on all their shipments. Access to electronic copies of documents is conveniently available for download from the system.

Turners Shipping encourages our senior management and professional staff members to be available at all times for our clients.

We understand that in a fast moving business environment our decision makers and advisors are an integral part of our Client’s success.

Through our comprehensive IT system, we are able to personalise electronic reports regarding our Clients’ import/export activity under our management. For example, the activity report could list Import Permits and reflect the balances and expiry dates of the permits. We can also provide statistics per tariff item imported. All statistical information that we process can be formatted into an easy to understand report for our Clients’ use.

We provide staff members to supervise Port activities as required by our Clients both locally and abroad.

In conjunction with our international freight forwarding network partnership, we are able to provide for Project Forwarding on a worldwide basis.

We employ and manage organisations within the supply chain to ensure that projects are finalised as per the Client’s requirement.

The POMS report operates in conjunction with the individual Shipment Status Report but deals with the organisation’s entire shipment portfolio. Pertinent details are recorded i.e. each shipment’s identification, expected delivery time, actual arrival date and final delivery.

This provides the Client with a total shipment update, which is essential for accurate planning purposes. The POMS report is submitted at intervals as required by the Client.

Through strategic alliances with major Transport Operators in both South and southern Africa, we are able to offer a first class service for our Clients at very competitive rates.

In addition to regular service follow-up calls, we arrange meetings where all role players are present to discuss progress. Minutes are taken and action points made, followed-up and resolved.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) are recommended prerequisites to ensure that service expectations and standards are being met.

We automatically generate a status report for each shipment, which is then delivered electronically to the Client at regular intervals until final delivery is achieved. This ensures that the client always has reliable and accurate information at their fingertips.

The Turners Training Academy aims to provide training and skills development to both employees and Clients, to provide for a holistic understanding of the industry and their role in the logistics supply chain. Many businesses do not have the resources to conduct extensive in-house training, so our Academy is the ideal option.

Turners Shipping is able to provide both bonded and general warehousing facilities in key locations throughout South Africa. In this regard, we have strategic alliances with specialised companies equipped to handle a full range of storage, handling and distribution requirements.

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