Customs Clearing Agency

We are a certified customs clearing agency registered with the South African Revenue Service.

Turners Shipping has a specialised customs entry division manned by highly qualified staff who only attend to customs matters. Their expertise and knowledge of the regulations and processes ensure that shipments pass through customs with as little delay as possible.

Our expertise, combined with the latest technology and the Electronic Data Interchange with the South African Customs system means that cargo is cleared before arrival in port and queries can be resolved in ‘free time’.

Turners Shipping is a certified customs broker registered with the South African Revenue Service and operates with facilities at all the South African seaports and land borders.

Turners Shipping also provides an independent “stand alone” customs brokerage service which operates independently for freight forwarding and other services.

Excise Matters

We provide storage for bonded goods. Our specialist staff will manage the customs paperwork ensuring the smooth movement of goods across borders.

Customs Classification

The correct classification of goods and calculation of duties is critical when ensuring compliance with customs regulations and legislation. Our experts can provide advice and guidance that affects particular industries and business activities.

Country of Origin Determinations

In an era of global trade, an in-depth knowledge of international trade rules, agreements, tariffs, and regulations is critical. Our experts will assist in determining the country of origin and identifying regulatory requirements.

Export Declarations

Our dedicated team can ensure compliance with export regulations, avoid costly delays and penalties, and streamline the export process for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Certification of Insurance

We provide a certification of insurance service giving our clients peace of mind knowing their insurance company is reputable and reliable.

Rebate Determinations

Missing out on rebates or refunds will affect the company’s bottom line and profitability. Our professional team will analyse a business’s activities and identify opportunities for rebates, ensuring compliance with a rebate program’s rules and regulations.

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