Cross Trade Routing

Get the most out of the trade on a global scale.

Cross trade, also known as triangular trade, involves the shipment of goods between two countries by a third party that is not located in either country. It requires a high level of coordination, expertise, and knowledge of international trade laws and regulations. Turners Shipping is a leading provider of cross-trade services, offering tailored solutions to businesses seeking to streamline their global supply chains.

With a vast network of trusted partners and agents worldwide, Turners Shipping can facilitate the movement of goods between any two countries, providing end-to-end logistics solutions that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. In this article, we will explore the world of cross-trade and how Turners Shipping can help your business capitalize on the benefits of global trade.

Turners Shipping is well-versed in cross-trade routing and can manage the process allowing businesses to get the most out of the trade on a global scale. Our access to expertise and service providers in all manufacturing and logistics hubs ensures we can provide a comprehensive solution.

Overall Capabilities:

  • Our global network partnership gives us access to logistics specialists in over 200 locations ensuring a true worldwide door-to-door service.
  • Our information systems facilitate global trading via EDI-Enterprise and BDP Smart applications.
  • Multimodal solutions are required for every shipment. We can provide landside transport for both sea and airfreight.
  • On-site cargo handling is done by service providers who are fully vetted and licenced.
  • Customised solutions. One size does not fit all. We can tailor a solution to accommodate the client’s requirements.

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