Samson Nip of Turners Shipping has consistently achieved Diamond status in the Vitality Wellness Programme over the past 10 years. Monique Stevens from the Proper Group sat down with Samson to find out how he has managed this.

“The important thing,” says Samson, “is to get an early start in the year, and then consistently earn Vitality points throughout the year.”

Active Rewards motivates him to reach his personal goals on a weekly basis, earning points by going to the gym or wearing a tracking device to monitor the exercise. “I took advantage of Discovery’s offer to get an Apple Watch which has been fully funded by me achieving my weekly goals.”

Samson and his family complete the annual Preventative Screening tests early in the year. Most pharmacies offer the service as does our annual Wellness Day. Testing your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and Body Mass Index means members can earn up to 20 000 points in just 15 minutes.

Monique asked Samson what other benefits he and his family enjoyed: “Apart from the obvious health benefits there are the financial rewards.”

“We have made use of the travel benefits like discounted flights, hotel accommodation and car hire, but there are other savings to be made. We get 25% back on all the healthy foods we buy from participating supermarkets and I can get up to 50% cashback when I fill up my car.”

Samson and his wife enjoy the discounted movie tickets, and when their children are a little older, they too will benefit from free movies before 7 pm.

Discovery also offers Life Insurance, Investments products, Short term insurance and recently introduced Discovery Bank and credit card.

Samson explained that he has the Discovery Credit card as well as the Discovery Insure for his cars and household insurance. “It makes sense to take advantage of everything Discovery has to offer because if one calculates the benefits Vitality members receive in cash backs or discounts, the figure may exceed your monthly contribution to your Medical aid,” he explains.

“The challenge for Samson’s colleagues is to follow his example and get the ball rolling early in 2020,” says Monique.

Anyone who has questions or needs advice can contact Monique at