April’s We Care campaign focussed on the image, taking a holistic view of both the professional and personal image that each of us projects.

The facilitator of the sessions was Les Owen, an expert in the field. He shared his knowledge and the insights he has gained from decades of experience in business and as an educator.

He explained how a person’s dress, attitude, manner and etiquette all contribute to the impression they make on others. “Whether we admit it or not, we all have a personal brand, and each one of us is responsible for how others see us. It is not just in the work-place but in our social interactions too,” explains Rene Naidoo, Training Coordinator at the Turners Training Academy.

Around one hundred members of staff took the opportunity to attend one of the three sessions presented by Les who is seen here with Denise Maistry, Mndeni Mhlongo, Nikita Jayram and Sagie Govender.

The We Care Campaign is an on-going initiative to help and encourage company employees make better lifestyle choices.