Social Development & Investment

We assist financially, materially and by providing skills to community projects, programmes, and initiatives which fall within our Company’s objectives.

Social Responsibility

Our Green Leaf Initiative gives us the opportunity to express one of our core values, working towards a sustainable future.


The success of an initiative depends on having clearly defined objectives, beneficiaries, and measurable results.

Energy Consumption

In the workplace / at our offices, our objectives are to reduce energy consumption, harvest rainwater, recycle and manage our waste, and to evaluate new technologies as they become available.


The Green Leaf Initiative works towards the betterment of the environment; aims to benefit our immediate community and society in general; while making economic sense.


Ours is a proven and established project with tangible results. Over the past decade, we have gone from concept to implementation and today are enjoying the benefits of the programme.

End Result

It started at our Head Office and is being rolled out throughout the group of companies. Most satisfying is that some of our staff have taken some of these practices into their homes.

This initiative gives Turners Shipping a concrete way to practice what we preach while calling attention to the efforts of our employees to create and enjoy a more environmentally friendly workplace.

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