PSA International Pte Ltd (PSA) and BDP International, Inc. (BDP) jointly announced today (3 April 2023) that PSA Cargo Solutions (Cargo Solutions), a business unit of PSA, will combine with BDP to form a new brand: PSA BDP. This announcement follows PSA’s successful acquisition of BDP in April 2022. The new PSA BDP brand blends complementary strengths and capabilities of both companies to enhance service and solution offerings across the entire supply chain.

Backed by the strength of PSA’s global network of more than 60 deepsea, rail, and inland terminals, and BDP’s strength as a global logistics solution provider and supply chain enabler, PSA BDP will leverage strategic hub ports and an expansive global asset portfolio to provide greater agility and optionality to shippers in a complex global environment. PSA BDP will enhance the delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions supported by industry-leading digitalisation and data capabilities to empower connectivity across supply chain ecosystems. 

Since the acquisition, Cargo Solutions and BDP have worked closely to deliver a complete end-to-end supply chain orchestration model to customers across key industry verticals that include expanded terminal value-added services, mid-mile logistics, digital applications to streamline compliance processes, and multimodal transportation solutions that focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Earlier, the PSA Group was reorganised to grow as two classes of business – Ports and Cargo Solutions. The new PSA BDP brand will represent the PSA Group’s Cargo Solutions class of business, with a combined team providing a full suite of supply chain solutions to meet the changing and multifaceted needs of cargo owners.

“The launch of PSA BDP marks an important milestone in our ongoing transformation journey and symbolises our determination to further expand our global network and service offerings to our supply chain customers and stakeholders around the world. The reorganisation of the Group into the two main classes of business reinforces our continued commitment to growing our port business whilst sharpening our ability to innovate and deliver future solutions in the complementary cargo solutions space. We believe that this synthesis of capabilities, talents and assets will create exciting opportunities – with the sum being greater than the individual parts in this respect,” said Mr Tan Chong Meng, Group CEO, of PSA International.

PSA BDP is spearheaded by Mr Mike Andaloro who will serve as its CEO and concurrently lead PSA BDP’s Sales and Operations. He will be supported by Ms Ghim Siew Ho as CEO of Products, who will lead the development and delivery of physical and digital products and solutions, and Mr Vincent Ng, CEO of Enterprise Growth / CFO, who will focus on positioning the enterprise for growth through strategy and business development while driving sustainability and process excellence.

“PSA’s acquisition of BDP has strengthened our combined enterprise and will bring new service capabilities to our current and future customers,” noted Mike Andaloro, CEO of PSA BDP. “The new brand – PSA BDP – epitomises the combination of capabilities in ports, terminals, rail and asset-light solutions, while further expanding the geographic coverage and digital capabilities of the combined enterprise. Our customers will be significant beneficiaries through access to an expanded portfolio of products and solutions. The PSA BDP team is energized for the next chapter together as we continue delivering the future of global trade.”

PSA BDP customers will benefit from an extensive service offering which includes new Port+ & Connectivity solutions and an expanded suite of digital product solutions that yield increased operational resilience, agility, and speed to market opportunities. New services that the PSA BDP enterprise will bring to the market include: 

  • Forward Hubbing
  • Multimodal Logistics
  • Terminal Value-Added Services
  • Contract Logistics
  • Import/Export Customs Services
  • Supply Chain Orchestration
  • Transportation Solutions (all modes)
  • Trade Management

The PSA BDP organisation will span 137 offices across the globe and continue serving customers within the verticals of chemical, retail & consumer, life sciences & pharmaceuticals, and electric vehicle & industrial.