Our Perishable Export Air Cargo division is managed by dedicated personnel.

We are able to provide onsite Airport facilities, specialised packing and palletization, backed up by over 120 years of experience in Customs & Freight Forwarding to provide for a complete Airfreight facility for all perishable exports.


We have great experience in handling the following perishable cargo: Chocolate and Ice Cream, Dairy Products, Fish and Seafood, Cut Flowers and Plants, Hatching Eggs, Meat and Meat Products, Fruit and Vegetables, Dry Goods, Temperature-sensitive goods, Serums and Vaccines.

Airfreight Facilities

The onsite airport handling facilities are able to take delivery of shipments on a 24/7 basis. The facilities include Mechanised offloading, Freezer Facilities, Temperature Controlled, General Storage, IATA/PCR Safety regulations.

Specialised Packaging

All perishable export air cargo is packed in accordance with Perishable Cargo Regulations (IATA/PCR) This includes: Crating, Wrapping, Fumigation, Gel Packs, Dry Ice, Thermal Blankets, Boxing, ULD Containers.

Customs Clearing Formalities

All shipments are handled to ensure the proper Customs Procedures, documentation and formalities are followed. These include Export Certification, Veterinary Permits, Tariff Identification, Customs Documentation, Customs Inspections, Quarantine Certification, and Landside Security Arrangements.

Air Freight Forwarding

Through our Global Partnership with BDP International, we are able to provide an Airfreight Service to all corners of the Earth, on a door-to-door basis. This includes Worldwide Logistics Infrastructure, Air Carriers options, Express and Standard Services, Competitive Freight rates, CFR, DAP, DDP Terms of Delivery, Landside collection/distribution, Track & Trace facilities, Shipment Status Reporting, and Marine Insurance.

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