Representatives of Turners Shipping and Onelogix gathered at Onelogix’s Bayhead premises to witness the delivery of the new horse and trailer which forms part of their growing fleet and has been branded with the Turners Shipping livery.

“We were approached by Nadir Moosa, Director of Onelogix, who said his company was buying a new tautliner and would like to brand it with Turners’’ logo. Naturally, we were happy for the exposure and grateful for the gesture,” said Neren Dayanand, the Regional Manager for KZN at Turners Shipping.

Turners Shipping has a long-standing working relationship with Onelogix which is one of the larger transport companies which Turners Shipping partners within KwaZulu Natal. Neren sites the size and versatility of their fleet as an advantage.

“They have a variety of vehicle types which enables them to handle most types of cargo.  They also have large on-site warehouse facilities and can unpack containers and deliver freight using smaller vehicles to our clients who cannot accommodate containers at their own premises.

Admiring the new horse and trailer are, from left, Neren Dayanand, Regional Manager for KZN at Turners Shipping, Nadir Moosa, the Director of Onelogix, Carmel Govender their Operations Controller, Shanrika Boby, Turners’ Senior Transport Controller, and Ronnie Robertson, Financial Director at Onelogix

Nadir Moosa shows Shanrika Boby the additional, built-in, security of the trailer’s curtains. A steel cable mesh lines the curtains which prevents the canvas from being slashed and goods stolen from the trailer, an occurrence which is all too common in the industry.