The end of year review for Turners Shipping shows that we are progressing well when it comes to our goal of creating a fair and equitable work environment. This is according to Thandeka Mncwabe, Compliance Officer for the company.

“The purpose of the Employment Equity Act is to create a work environment that is fully inclusive, fair and welcoming to everyone, while also correcting the imbalances of the past,” she explains.

“The recent numerical analysis reflects an increased number of African employees in our staff complement, compared to previous years. It also shows that we have made significant strides in the representation of all racial groups in the junior and middle management occupational levels.”

The Employment Equity Committee, which is an interface between the staff and management, is fully representative and ensures that company policies are in keeping with the law and the spirit of the Act.

“Our duty is to assert the rights of designated groups and at the same time protect the rights of others, it is a fine balance,” says Thandeka.