Has your business adapted to ensure that it is still sustainable and relevant?

All industries have felt the effects of Covid-19, but in varying degrees and in different ways.

Join us as we focus on the chemical industry and ask:

  • What has the effect on this sector been?
  • How and when will we recover?
  • What does the future look like?

Our panel of experts and industry specialists will explore these questions, and more.

This very insightful webinar, hosted by Turners Shipping, will be held on 28 October at 10 am.

Guest Speakers

  • Quintus van der Merwe (Partner)
    Shepstone & Wiley Attorneys
  • Brian Giddey (Managing Director)
    RB Associated Logistics
  • Deidré Penfold (Executive Director)
  • Neville Joseph (Regional Sales & Operations Manager)

Watch the recoding