Web-based tool facilitates tax compliance

A new web-based tool has been launched which promises to ease the burden of tax compliance, enabling users to provide SARS with an accurate record reflecting an audit trail ensuring full Tax compliance.

Developed by Turners Shipping, Athena is a modular system which provides real-time inventory management in Customs and Excise and Clearing and Forwarding.

“The system is designed to be adaptable and is in sync with the ever-changing tax compliance environment,” said Gregory Marks, National Excise Manager at Turners Shipping. “The tool not only enhances the business but also ensures a high ease of compliance to relevant legislation, always putting the trader in control.”

Athena is modular, giving customers the option of purchasing the complete suite or a choice of modules which best suit their specific business needs.

“The dashboard is interactive and valuable information can be drawn from the system. Tax-related information like potential outstanding revenue from refunds and offsets and turnaround times for refund claims are just two examples. Through data analytics, under the banner of Athena, further development in Data and Knowledge Management is also planned which will not only empower clients but also empower us internally with innovative tools” added Gregory.

Gregory Marks
National Excise Manager