Port recovery

Both water and berths received considerable debris deposited as a result of the storm. Currently, teams are working in the harbour and along berths to remove debris, enabling tugs and pilot boats to move safely.
Due to the possibility of heavy debris deposited underwater alongside berths and in the channels, sounding will be required and will only be undertaken tomorrow once floating debris is removed.
Effectively this restricts large vessels from moving until sounding is completed and any sunken debris removed.
The port pollution team is operating in the harbour.
Most terminals are reporting staff shortages as personnel struggle to reach work, particularly from the south side where the M4 is very compromised.
Terminals are able to load out ships that are alongside and have cargo available.
At 11.50 this morning the port was declared open for selected vessels.

The Container corridor (NATCOR) is not operating due to washaways at Shallcross and at the Shongweni Tunnel exit and at other sites.
Unlikely rail will recommence for at least a week.
Some local lines around the port have been inundated and will need to be cleared.

Island View Precinct
The IVS precinct includes the handling of bulk fuel, chemicals, wheat, maize and minerals.
All terminals reported limited damage and are currently cleaning up, electricity supply continues to be problematic with two main cables damaged.
All terminals are concerned that truck dispatch of fuel in particular is presently very restricted.
The fuel pipeline is operating however confirmation from receivers is still required before flow is recommenced.

DCT Piers 2 & 1
Staff shortages have impacted operations however Pier 2 has cleared a large proportion of the 460 trucks which were trapped in staging and terminal as has Pier 1.
The trapped trucks utilised the Bluff Road route, it is not yet open for incoming trucks.
Currently, no slots are available for truck access.
Most exports stacks had closed prior to the storm and vessels are working, There should be very limited short shipments

Maydon Wharf
Flooding did occur in the MW precinct but operations are ongoing at TPT terminals.

Road Access
It appears that the outgoing carriageway on Bayhead Road is not as badly damaged as the incoming side.
The possibility exists for this carriageway to be repaired within weeks. In the meantime, other possible routes such as off Edwin Swales / Solomon Mahlangu are being investigated.
The Bluff Road route is narrow, steep and through a residential area.

Though it will be essential to use this route temporarily there will have to be tight policing and despatch control.
KZN RTI will allow the movement of trucks over the normal Easter weekend embargo.

A further report back will be held at 17.00 today.

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