Industry response to the establishment of Turners Shipping’s Excise Project Division has been overwhelmingly positive says Gregory Marks, the National Excise Manager.

“We embarked on a programme of roadshows last year introducing our services to existing clients and to sectors of the industry which are affected by excise legislation and regulations,” he said. “From our introductory road show; we have had a number of requests from businesses to conduct follow-up interventions.”

Broadly speaking, Excise duties apply to the manufacturers of products; including petrochemical, alcohol and tobacco, and some beverages containing sugar, but, as Gregory explains, there are secondary industries which are subject to regulation.

Gregory Marks is the National Excise Manager who heads the Excise Project Division at Turners Shipping.

These include the fishing, farming, forestry and mining industries; and manufacturers who use diesel, solvents, and spirits as components in their manufacturing processes.

“The legislative framework evolves and changes making compliance a challenging exercise,” says Gregory. “We offer a dedicated excise consultancy service providing clients with credible guidance and assistance relating to all excise and related industries.

The core of what we do is Compliance, Current State, Supply and Value Chain Analysis. These are conducted using sound process engineering principles with an overarching objective of tax compliance.”

Upon completion of a typical compliance review, Turners’ expert staff assists the client with putting systems into place which optimises the value and supply chain, while ensuring sustainable tax compliance.