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Door-to-Door Service                               Import & Export Permit Applications
We offer door to door services for imports         As part of our on-going commitment to
and exports irrespective of the size of the        customer service, we have established a
consignment or the mode of transport.              liaison office in Pretoria. We are able to have
                                                   permits processed and delivered within days
                                                   rather than weeks.

EDI Facilities                                     International Cross Trade
We are able to install software on our Client’s    Through our network of overseas offices we
computers which provides access to the             are able to provide our Clients with trading
many user facilities on our IT System. These       opportunities with countries outside South
include: Customs Tariffs; Status Reports;          Africa.
Container Packing Calculator; Rates of
Exchange and details of shipments being            Online Shipment Status Reporting System
handled by us. It is also possible for Clients to  Turners Shipping’s reporting allows our clients
finalise costings on shipments processed by        to view real time and historical data on all
us.                                                their shipments. Access to electronic copies
                                                   of documents are conveniently available for
International Freight Forwarding                   download from the system.
Turners Shipping is the exclusive South African
agent for the international BDP network, with      Mobile Shipment Tracker
1000 office locations in over 130 countries                              Our web application has been
throughout the world.                                                    developed to allow real-time
                                                                         monitoring of shipments using
                                                                         devices such as smart phones,
                                                                         tablets and computers. The

                                                   software gathers information from our systems:
                                                   shipping movement reports, customs, airlines
                                                   departure and arrivals, providing clients with
                                                   a level of reporting that has not been possible

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