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Turners Shipping is one of
the oldest privately owned
logistics companies in South
Africa. The company was
established by David Turner
in 1896, at a time when Ox
wagons and sailing ships
were the primary modes of
transport. Turner’s business,
then called Turner and Co
(Natal) (Pty) Ltd, operated
as a Customs Clearing
agent from the Port of

The business thrived, and         Models of the ill-fated Waratah have pride of place in the offices of
in 1901 Turner invited John     Turners Shipping in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. They were
Cochrane-Murray, who            commissioned by the current Group CEO Conrad Cochrane Murray as
had a background in
banking, to join him as a full                           a reminder of the company’s origin.
partner on a salary of £18
a year.

Tragedy struck when David Turner, his wife     Over the years the organisation grew and
and five children boarded the luxurious        expanded into transport and logistics areas
passenger liner the SS Waratah intending       of operation, which has resulted in the
to visit their ancestral home in England. The  formation of The Turner Group of Companies.
Waratah was the most advanced vessel of its
time and was regarded as unsinkable.           Today The Turner Group is made up
                                               of Companies involved in activities,
The ship, with 221 passengers and crew,        which include Warehousing, Customs
left Durban on July 26, 1909 but never         Clearing, International Freight Forwarding,
reached Cape Town. No sign of the ship or      Distribution, Trade Finance, Travel and Event
its passengers was ever found. Turner and      Management.
his family were among those who died at
sea. Cochrane-Murray had lost his business     Now, after 120 years, Turners Shipping (Pty) Ltd
partner but decided to keep the business       operates in conjunction with the worldwide
going, retaining the Turner name in memory     BDP Global network and is able to provide a
of his friend.                                 comprehensive value added logistics service
                                               on a door-to-door basis, to and from any
                                               location in the world.

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