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Turners Shipping acts on behalf of BDP International as their South African partner. The two
Organisations share an objective and working ethos as well as operational processes.

BDP is an international freight logistics company which was founded on the objective of
being the best global logistics provider on the planet. From its headquarters in Philadelphia,
USA, BDP has grown into a global company with operations in more than 1000 locations in
over 130 countries.

Both Turners Shipping and BDP have their origins in a family business and today, despite
their size, pride themselves in staying true to their core values. Our approach to business is
simple: We get to know our customers by listening and learning about their needs. Then we
deliver individually tailored solutions that can improve efficiency and minimize costs. All of
our Customers benefit from the partnership between Turners Shipping and BDP International
as we are able to deploy the best logistics information tools in finding solutions and providing

As a result, our extended capabilities help companies to:

   •	 Reduce the costs of existing processes
   •	 Improve cycle times
   •	 Enter fast-growing markets
   •	 Analyse, design and manage logistics processes
   •	 Plan for rapid economic growth
   •	 Develop infrastructures that meet business demands

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