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Operational excellence is the cornerstone of how BDP and its partners conduct business.
It is about having a solid understanding of internal operating standards and processes;
understanding the logistics requirements of customers and supply chain partners; and
implementing continuous improvement initiatives to ensure that the tools and processes
deployed help us to confidently deliver quality Customer service.

A few standards we have in place as part of our ongoing commitment to operational
excellence include:

•	 Report Cards — Each station’s performance is captured through a monthly Station Report
    Card that helps us improve our processes and adopt corrective action plans to better
    service our customers.

•	 Training and Education — We make a significant investment in our people to promote
    personal growth and achieve higher performance levels.

•	 Internal File Audits — A vital step in our operations that helps us evaluate and fine-tune
    our processes.

•	 Enhanced Communication — We place a high level of importance on communication
    throughout our Company to ensure that people and processes are working seamlessly
    together to provide quality Customer service.

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