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Purchase Order Management System (POMS)          SLA and SOP
The POMS report operates in conjunction with     Service Level Agreement (SLA) and
the individual Shipment Status Report, but       Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) are
deals with the organisation’s entire shipment    recommended prerequisites to ensure that
portfolio. Pertinent details are recorded i.e.   service expectations and standards are
each shipment’s identification, expected         being met.
delivery time, actual arrival date and final
delivery. This provides the Client with a
total shipment update, which is essential
for accurate planning purposes. The POMS
report is submitted at intervals as required by
the Client.

Road Transportation                              Status Reports
Through strategic alliances with major           We automatically generate a status report for
Transport Operators in both South and            each shipment, which will then be delivered
Southern Africa, we are able to offer a          electronically to the Client at regular intervals
first class service for our Clients at very      until final delivery is achieved. This ensures that
competitive rates.                               the client always has reliable and accurate
                                                 information at their fingertips.

Scheduled Client Meetings                        Warehousing
In addition to regular service follow-up calls,  Turners Shipping is able to provide both
we arrange meetings where all role players       bonded and general warehousing facilities
are present to discuss progress. Minutes are     in key locations throughout South Africa.
taken and action points made and followed-       In this regard, we have strategic alliances
up on.                                           with specialised companies equipped to
                                                 handle a full range of storage, handling and
                                                 distribution requirements.

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