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Logistical Solutions                             Personal Contact
In consultation with our Clients we design       Turners Shipping encourages our senior
logistical solutions and manage them. Our        management and professional staff
services include the full management of all      members to be available at all times for our
aspects of logistics including warehouse-to-     clients. We understand that in a fast moving
warehouse services. These are backed up by       business environment our decision makers
excellent tracking systems providing constant    and advisors are an integral part of our
status reports. Through regular meetings         Client’s success.
with Clients we ensure that issues are being
attended to effectively.                         Personalised Electronic Activity Reports
                                                 Through our comprehensive I.T system, we
Marine Insurance                                 are able to personalise electronic reports
Turners Shipping has partnered with              regarding our Clients’ import/export activity
specialist marine insurance brokers, Eikos Risk  under our management. For example, the
Applications for all marine insurance needs.     activity report could list Import Permits and
                                                 reflect the balances and expiry dates of the
This ensures the best possible cargo cover       permits. We can also provide statistics per
for our clients at cost effective rates. The     tariff item imported. All statistical information
cover arranged and managed by Eikos Risk         that we process can be formatted into an
Applications is the widest cover available       easy to understand report for our Clients’ use.
with a host of additional benefits. The
insurance premiums are incorporated into         Port Supervision
our Customer invoice so there is only one        We provide staff members to supervise Port
party to pay.                                    activities as required by our Clients both
                                                 locally and abroad.

Turners Shipping is a mandated agent of          Project Management/Forwarding
Eikos Risk Applications insofar as the handling  Through our international freight forwarding
of certain administrative functions and          network partnership with BDP Logistics, we
premium collection is concerned. Eikos Risk      are able to provide for Project Forwarding on
Applications is a member of the Jardine Lloyd    a worldwide basis. We employ and manage
Thompson Group (an authorised Financial          organisations within the supply chain to
Services Provider – FSP License 481).            ensure that projects are finalised as per the
                                                 client’s requirement.

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