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TERM                       DESCRIPTION
Dry-Bulk Container
Dumping                    A container constructed to carry grain, powder and other free flowing solids in bulk.
Dunnage (Dge.)
Duty Free Zone             When goods are exported at a price less than their normal value, generally meaning they
ETA                        are exported for less than they are sold in the domestic market or third-country markets,
ETD                        or at less than production cost.
Expiry Date
Export Declaration         Lumber or other material used to brace material in carrier's equipment.
Express B/L
                           See Free Trade Zone
                           Estimated time of arrival.
F.C.L.                     Estimated time of departure.
F.I.O.                     The final date on which the draft and documents must be presented to the negotiating,
                           accepting, paying or issuing bank to effect payment.
                           A government document permitting designated goods to be shipped out of the country.
                           A special facility granted by carrier under guarantees from shipper/consignee to release
FCL/FCL                    cargo to named consignee without presenting original B/L. Also called "Sea Waybill"
Feeder Service             One of 11 INCOTERMS, can be used for any mode of transport. "“Ex Works” means that
Feeder Vessel              the seller delivers when it places the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the seller’s
FEU                        premises or at another named place (i.e., works, factory, warehouse etc). The seller does
FF                         not need to load the goods on any collecting vehicle, nor does the seller clear the goods
Final Destination (FND)    for export, where such clearance is applicable.
Flash Point
FMC                        Freight All Kind. System whereby freight is charged per container, irrespective of nature of
                           goods, and not according to a Tariff. (Please also refer to All Commodity Rate)

                           Full Container Load. Arrangement whereby shipper utilizes all the space in a container
                           which he packs himself.

                           Forty-foot Equivalent Unit. (40'' or 2 Teus) FEU.

                           Free In and Out.

                           One of 11 INCOTERMS can be used only for sea or inland waterway transport. “Free
                           Alongside Ship”, means that the seller delvers when the good are placed alongside the
                           vessel (e.g., on a quay or a barge) nominated by the buyer at the named port of shipment.
                           The risk of loss of or damage to the goods passes when the goods are alongside the ship,
                           and the buyer has to bear all costs from that moment onwards.

                           One of 11 INCOTERMS, can be used for any mode of transport. “Free Carrier” means
                           that the seller delivers the goods to the carrier or another person nominated by the buyer
                           at the seller’s premises or another named place. The parties are well advised to specify
                           as clearly as possible the point within the name place of delivery, as the risk passes to the
                           buyer at that point.

                           See CY/CY.

                           See CY/CFS.

                           Sea transportation as performed by feeder operator.

                           Vessel employed in normally short sea routes to fetch or carry goods and containers to
                           and from ocean going vessels.

                           Forty-foot Equivalent Unit (40'' or 2 Teus) F.E.U.

                           Freight Forwarder.

                           End of carrier’s liability where carrier delivers the cargo to consignee.

                           The temperature reaching which for certain inflammable cargo will trigger spontaneous
                           ignition. It is an IMCO standard information requirement for dangerous goods.

                           Federal Maritime Commission. US Government Agency responsible for regulatory aspects
                           of all maritime activities.  Page 8  “Trusted for over 120 Years”
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