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TERM                       DESCRIPTION
Shipper Owned Container
                           The container used for cargo shipment is owned by shipper.
Shipper's Export           A custom house form filled by the shipper of goods. to foreign countries. Also called
Declaration                shipper’s manifest. It mentions the marks, numbers, quantity, description and value of
                           goods at time and place of export.
Shipper's Load & Count     Shipments loaded and sealed by shippers and not checked or verified by the carriers.
SI                         Goods not carried on intended vessel.
                           Shipping Instruction.

                           Space on board a vessel occupied by a container.

SOLAS                      Safety Of Lives At Sea. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
                           is an international maritime treaty which requires countries to ensure that ships flagged by
                           them comply with minimum safety standards in construction, equipment and operation.

Standard Industrial        A standard numerical code used by the U.S. government to classify products and services.
Classification (SIC)
Standard International     A standard numerical code used by the United Nations to classify commodities used in
Trade Classification       international trade.
                           A rate established via direct routes from one point to another in relation which the rates via
Standard Rate              other routes between the same points are made. See also Differential Rate.

STC                        Said to Contain. A standard clause used to protect carrier for cargo stuffed by shipper or
                           its agents.

Stevedore                  Terminal operator who is designated to facilitate the operation of loading and discharging
                           vessels and various terminal activities.

Storage                    A charge made on property stored.

Stowage                    A marine term referring to loading freight into ships' holds.

Straight Bill of Lading    A term for a non-negotiable bill of lading.

Stripping                  The unloading of a container.

Stuffing                   The loading of a container.

                           The delivery of enhanced customer and economic value through synchronized

Supply Chain Management    management of the flow of physical goods, services and associated information from
                           sourcing through consumption. The management of the process and activities to provide

                           the flow of products, services and information to customers.

Tank Container             A specially constructed container for transporting liquids and gases in bulk.

Tare Weight                The weight of packing material or, in carload shipments, the weight of the empty freight

Tariff (Trf.)              A publication setting forth the charges, rates and rules of transportation companies.

Terminal                   An assigned area in which containers are prepared for loading into a vessel or are stacked
                           immediately after discharge from the vessel.

TEU                        Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (20") T.E.U.

THC                        Terminal Handling Charge. A charge assessed by the terminal for handling FCLs at ocean

Through Rate               The total rate from the point of origin to final destination.

TOS                        Terms of Sale. Commonly used as an abbreviation for INCOTERMS

Transferable Credit        Permits the beneficiary to transfer all or some of the rights and obligations under the credit
                           to a second beneficiary or beneficiaries - see Special DCs.  Page 17                                                        “Trusted for over 120 Years”
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