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TERM                       DESCRIPTION
Per Diem                   The revenue-producing part of the cargo.
Perils of the Sea
Perishable Cargo           A charge made by one transportation line against another for the use of its equipment.
Pier-to-House (P/H)        The charge is based on a fixed rate per day.
Pier-to-Pier (P/P)
Pilferage                  Those causes of loss for which the carrier is not legally liable. The elemental risks of
Place of Delivery          ocean transport.
Place of Receipt
Port of arrival            Cargo subject to decay or deterioration.
Port of Discharge
Port of Loading (POL)      See CFS/CY.
Port Service Charge
                           See CFS/CFS.
Prepaid (Ppd.)
                           The act of stealing cargo.
Presenting Bank
Pro Rata                   See Final Destination.
Pro-forma Invoice          Location where cargo enters the care and custody of carrier.
Promissory Note
                           Location where imported merchandise is off loaded from the importing aircraft or vessel.
                           Port where cargo is unloaded from vessel.
Quota                      Port where cargo is loaded to vessel.
Ramp                       See THC.

                           One of the payment status where freight and charges are required to be paid by shipper
                           before original bill of lading is released to them except for shipment under Sea Waybill
                           (or Express BL) as no original bill of lading is required or for shipment under credit

                           The bank that requests payment of a collection bill - may be the Collecting Bank or its
                           nominated branch or local correspondent, which is better placed to contact the importer

                           In proportion.

                           All of the processes involved in requesting, ordering, auditing, and paying for goods and

                           A specimen invoice, requested by the buyer for the purpose of applying for such things as
                           an import license, or foreign exchange allocation prior to the sale.

                           A signed statement containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to specified person
                           at a specified date or on demand.

                           (a) A legal means of proving presentation and default of a negotiable instrument, as well
                           as providing notice to interested parties that the instrument was not paid. (b) A declaration
                           made by the master of a vessel before a notary public in the United States and Great
                           Britain or a tribunal of commerce on the European Continent, or before the consul of the
                           country from which the vessel hails if in a foreign port, on arrival in port, when, through
                           stress of weather, it has not been practicable to adopt ordinary precaution in the matter
                           of ventilation for perishable cargoes; when the condition of the cargo or any part thereof
                           at the time of shipment is such as to lead to the belief that damage or some further
                           damage has occurred during the voyage; when any serious breach of a charter party by
                           the charterer in a foreign port happens; when a vessel experiences bad weather while at
                           sea and when the master has reason to believe that the cargo is damaged or part of the
                           deck load lost overboard. Copies of the protest are frequently demanded underwriter in
                           the event of a claim. Protests are received as evidence in tribunal on the Continent but
                           they cannot be made.

                           Port of Singapore Authority

                           The quantity of goods that may be imported without restriction or additional duties or

                           Rail terminal where containers are either loaded or discharged from train. (A railhead is
                           a CY)

                           Rail terminal where containers are either loaded or discharged from a train (A rail Ramp
                           is a CY)  Page 15  “Trusted for over 120 Years”
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