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Africa Network

The Africa Department was established in response to increasing trade with the rapidly developing economies and markets throughout Africa. Turners Shipping’s specialised Africa Department is perfectly positioned to allow customers access to all African markets by air, sea, or overland freight.

This dedicated freight service offers a complete export package.

The range of facilities includes:

  • Export documentation
  • Warehouse consolidation
  • Full and part load road freight
  • Shipment status reports
  • Express and charter freight
  • LCL and FCL sea freight
  • Over-border shipments
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Global Network

Operational excellence is the cornerstone of how BDP International and its partners conduct business. It is about having a solid understanding of internal operating standards and processes; understanding the logistics requirements of customers and supply chain partners, and implementing continuous improvement initiatives to ensure that the tools and processes deployed help us to confidently deliver quality Customer service.

As a result, our extended capabilities help companies to:

  • Reduce the costs of existing processes
  • Improve cycle times
  • Enter fast-growing markets
  • Analyse, design and manage logistics processes
  • Plan for rapid economic growth
  • Develop infrastructures that meet business demands