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Two kilometres of shelves

Shipping’s newly built archive room is finished and the custom shelving has been installed. The room covers 326 square metres and has over two kilometres of shelving which can accommodate about a quarter of a million files. “We used 11.5 tons of galvanised steel to make the shelves and it […]

Johannesburg team heads to Bass Lake

The staff of Turners Shipping’s Johannesburg office headed for Bass Lake for their team building weekend. Taking a break from the city they embraced the outdoor challenges which tested their skills of puzzle solving and the ability to work as a single unit. Teams also prepared and gave presentations drawing […]

Committed to building a better future

One hundred members from the Durban office of Turners Shipping headed down the South coast for the annual team building. The theme for this year was ‘Motivation and Empowerment’. In the above photo, from left are Sasha Lawrence, Alain Lobo, and Sansiya Govender who, along with their colleagues, placed their […]

Steady trade with China

China remains one of South Africa’s strongest trading partners and on a recent trip to Hong Kong, Blain Kondiah, Managing Director of Turners Shipping, met with representatives of BDP International in the region. From left are, Vincent Kwan, Dick Yip, Amanda Qiu, Jennifer Zhu, and Dennis Wan. “China has seven […]

Support where it’s needed

The staff of the Johannesburg branch of Turners Shipping combined their celebration of Women’s Month and Casual Day. The idea of being a hero to someone every day was expressed with members of staff sporting imaginative super-hero costume, with each department choosing a theme. There was also a serious side […]

Lost cargo off Durban coast

An urgent alert warning has been issued to vessels sailing on the Indian Ocean east of South Africa to be on the lookout for cargo containers that reportedly fell off a trade cargo container ship, some 22 nautical miles off the coast of Durban. According to the South African Maritime Safety Authority […]

Technology drives health initiatives

Heart rate monitors are no longer reserved for athletes as the latest generation of exercise trackers and fitness monitors are finding their way onto the wrists of ordinary people. Technology is playing an increasing role in our everyday wellness, recording our level of activity throughout the day, monitoring our exercise […]